me ^-^

Hey, I'm Nosa—a designer fueled by a passion for crafting tech-infused solutions that enhance lives. Over the past 6 years, I've tackled design challenges across diverse industries, from digital marketing to health tech and beyond. Currently nestled in Brooklyn, New York, I find joy in tackling design challenges and working with ballsy businesses.
For fun; indulge in football, relish in a plate of jollof rice, explore creative photography, and dive into the world of YouTube.
Let's create something extraordinary together!


UX Designer - Quotes

Joined forces with a Real Estate start Up in Canada.
Helped lead efforts with stakeholders to distill intricate requirements, creating intuitive design solutions tailored for both Homeowners and Service Providers. Ensured seamless communication and alignment of design objectives to enhance user experiences.


Product Designer - Interswitch

Designing and improving the end-to-end experience of an EHR (Electronic Health Record) platform by identifying UX and UI issues and implementing appropriate solutions that helped achieve commercial success of 75 Million Naira for the year ended 2021.


Senior UI/UX Designer - Webcoupers

Designed and developed a Data Value Realization platform for businesses to evaluate potential customers' financial stance and make better decisions from financial data.


Art Director | UI/UX - Webcoupers

Worked with Content strategist, designers and other stakeholders to plan projects and create compelling digital marketing campaigns that helped transform their businesses by driving engagement and creating traction for 13+ SMEs.



Designed social media content. Created compelling videos for digital campaigns. Designed brand identities and marketing collaterals for businesses.